Frequently Asked Questions

1. Our family has never attended a National Triplet Convention. What's it like and do we want to be there?

Yes, you want to be there! You will not find a better group of people anywhere! Who can understand you better? Who has shared the moments, endured the comments, experienced the joys, marveled at the feat, enjoyed the accomplishment, cheered at the victories, faced the conquests, appreciated the milestones, and can look into your eyes and KNOW what you have been through? Anyone? Anyone? This is where they ARE! Waiting to care, happy to share, here to celebrate with YOU! Other than that . . . it's just your run of the mill convention.

2. Can I bring extra people (Grandma, sister, nanny, friend) to the convention?

This is clearly a family and extended family convention. Sometimes it takes everyone to raise bunches of kids at a time and everyone you consider "family or close friends" are certainly welcome. Sometimes, it is desirable to have extra hands on deck. We commonly see grandparents, for instance, at the convention, so much so that we have created a special time and spot for them in a Workshop setting. Sometimes, it is great to have family meet you there (if you live far apart) and they can lend an extra hand and enjoy the vacation at the same time. You may need help during the Workshops and Adult Session specifically because those are the places that you cannot take your children. If they are six or over, they can attend the children's entertainment activities and don't require a chaperone if you choose to send them alone. If they are younger than six, we require you send someone with them. Typically, there is one or two of us running the event, the entertainers, and several hundred children. You will want to make sure, if your children require watching, that someone will be there. Otherwise, it's like a big school assembly and if they can handle staying in the group and following minor directions, everyone will manage just fine. Otherwise, it's really great to have someone (extra family or friend) to go with the kiddos to the activities. No to mention, these people are great to have around when you are trying to visit or carry on a short conversation with someone! Please do register everyone in your party so they can be full participants with nametags and meal coupons so they can enjoy being with your family and the group for our meal functions.

3. Can everyone I bring stay in our single hotel room?

We work very hard on contracting with our hotels. Our contract always includes verbiage such as: "Parents and children in the immediate family may stay in a single hotel room." It is important for families with small children to have the option of being in the same room with their children. The hotel will provide cribs or a rollaway when you ask during the reservation process (see the next question). Please don't surprise them at your check-in! Depending on the demand, please understand that you may need to pay an additional rental fee for these items. Many of our families get two hotel rooms because their children are a little older and they need the extra space or they have extended family with them. Connecting rooms should be available. Either way, the hotel tries hard to meet our needs.

4. Can I get three cribs in one room at the hotel?

It depends on the hotel. If you need to get them from the hotel, you can reserve them at the time of reservation but it is easier to bring what you can with you (an extra Pack 'n Play or two) so it isn't a drain on the hotel. If our need exceeds their inventory, they will charge us what they will pay to rent them and then divide that cost evenly across the number of cribs they have rented to us. Make sense?

5. What do I do with my children under the age of four years old during the Workshops and Adult Session of the convention?

This is a family convention and children and babies are welcome EXCEPT at the Saturday Adult Workshops (3 hours block). It is the only "Adult" time we have during the three-day event and it is important to make the most out of it with as few distractions as possible. Any child attending the children's activities and entertainment portions of the convention AND IS UNDER THE AGE OF SIX will need to be accompanied by a chaperone. This could be a parent, friend, or relative. Or this might be an excellent time to "develop" a new teenage-type babysitter who would LOVE to go to the convention with your family to be the extra hands you need! Often, parents will trade off with their spouses to attend a particular Workshop or the Adult Session if they do not have a helper

6. What are the Workshops like?

Workshops occur during a three hour block, typically on Saturday morning from 9:00 -12:00. The time is divided in two so that you can attend two different Workshops. The subjects are varied and we try to include something interesting for each age group. We also have Workshops on strengthening your marriage, raising teenagers, and one especially for dads! When we can get professionals, we do. Sometimes, we find the most experienced among us and they prepare good information to share. Then we all have an opportunity to ask questions, share our best ideas, and help others with what we have learned. The best part is that you get to know some of our parents better in a more intimate setting without the distractions of our little ones.

7. What is the agenda this year?

Please check our workshops page.

8. Can you tell me more about the one-of-a-kind triplet parade?

At each convention all families can participate in our popular triplet parade on Saturday. Get your creative ideas going and think of cute outfits you can make or inexpensive look-alike-clothes that you can buy to make your kids stand out. In the past, the parades were judged by members of the local broadcast and print media and several other VIPs. All kids (singletons and multiples together) from babies in strollers, to young adults dancing to the music, will be participating in this fun event. and multiples together) from babies in strollers, to young adults dancing to the music, will be participating in this fun event.

9. Will my Teens and Tweens be happy at the convention?

We are getting more Teens and Tweens every year. Last year was record breaking! The mode of the entire age of multiples was thirteen! There will be special Teen and Tween activities for those age groups and although some of those kids WILL be triplets, there are many other who are siblings of. Actually, once we get to the convention, we pretty much treat families as families and kids as kids and we don't say too much about multiples, funny enough, but we try to provide opportunities for the kids, particularly the Teens and Tweens, to interact and get to know each other. The answer is YES! Your Teens and Tweens will have a great time!

10. I am an Adult Triplet. Is there a place for me at the convention?

Absolutely! We always hope to have more adult triplets each year. We usually have one or two sets, and they always wish more would come! We sometimes have them help us by being one of our "Celebrity Judges" for the Triplet Parade, sometimes they can help us with Workshop Facilitation, sometimes they just are there to enjoy and be enjoyed!

11. What does the Registration Fee include?

Each year we try to keep our registration fees as low as possible. The actual fees charged do not cover all of our expenses, so please feel free to make a donation! Included with your registration are three meals (Adult Reception and Pizza for kids on Friday night, Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast). These are ticketed events so each member of the family will have a meal ticket for that particular meal function.

Family Registration also includes: Adult name tags and other supplies Family Memory Book, Adult Workshop Facilitator, Children's Entertainment, Toddler Room Toys and Activities (age three and under.

It DOES NOT include: Hotel sleeping rooms Other meals not mentioned

Snacks during the children's entertainment is limited. (Logistical and financial problem.) If your children need a particular snack, please have them carry a little something with them.

12. Can you tell me more about your silent and live auctions?

Our silent and live auctions are the only major convention fundraiser (registration fees do not cover all of our expenses). The auctions are a very popular and fun event that gives convention attendees a chance to purchase unique items that are donated from around the country. Each family is encouraged to bring an item to donate to the auction,no matter how large or small. In the past we've seen toys, art, household items, sporting goods, collectibles, quilts, sports tickets, even cruises and vacation rental homes! Anything goes and all is appreciated!

13. Why do I have to pay for my Toddlers to attend?

We need to provide a box lunch for toddlers as well as the rest of the family. They like to eat breakfast, too! We could all certainly prepare a lunch or breakfast for a lot less than we have to pay the hotel, but nevertheless, that is the cost of having our convention in a hotel. We also provide a Toddler Room with lots of toys so there is somewhere for tots to play when we are having our Workshop or Adult Session time blocks. We appreciate your participation and realize that it can be expensive and a sacrifice, however, it is what we need to do to have a FAMILY convention.

14. I live fairly local. Do I have to stay at the hotel?

It is not mandatory but I will be happy to explain to you why you want to! First, you are among the select few who get to take a vacation without the cost of travel. We always have over 25 states represented and many of those families come a very far way to be with us. You may just have to drive down the road a piece! People who try to keep one foot at home (feed the dog, answer phone messages, run an errand, water the lawn, prepare a meal, go to that one meeting) NEVER have the same experience as the rest of us who are on TRIPLECATION!!!

Secondly, while we do not make it mandatory to stay in the hotel, it is important to remember that through the sleeping room rental, we are afforded the meeting room space (without charge) needed to have the convention activities. There is not a sponsor or someone who takes care of the "meeting room space" bill. We ALL share the cost through sleeping room rentals. Even if you elect to spend only one night at the hotel, you are helping to pay for the meeting space we all use.

So, clear your calendar, pack up your bags, and join us for a GREAT TIME!!!!

15. Can I just attend the workshops or just one of the events?

In a nutshell, no. The workshops and other events are offered to convention attendees. Besides the information gained or activity experienced, it is a process of sharing and coming to know each other. That takes some time and the events help us get to know some of those who are attending the convention. We become a unit and it is hard to have extra people drifting in and out. Also, we encounter the problem of equity as far as Registration fees are concerned. The Registration fees cover the meal costs and those meal costs along with the sleeping room rentals cover the cost of the space we all use for the convention workshops, meetings, and activities. It is hard to put a price on the workshop or activity space. In addition, it would be extremely time consuming for us to keep track of all those who would rather pick and choose one event or a select few. Remember, our staff consists of unpaid volunteers (most of whom have full-time jobs) who are simply trying to provide a place and framework for large groups of HOMs to be able to meet. We try to keep things fair, simple, and manageable so we can keep on keeping on!