2019 Convention Workshops

Parent Workshops

Informative workshops for parents and teens will be offered on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The grandparent workshop will start at 1:00 p.m. The majority of the workshops will be discussion groups.

  • Each person can attend two workshops or one 3-hour block workshop (except Teens can only attend "Teen Talk") but we are asking you to give us five choices to work with as we make the assignments.

  • Once you have chosen your top five choices, list them in order of preference on the workshop registration form for each person attending.

  • Email form to TripletConvention@gmail.com . Put "Workshops" in the Subject Line.

  • Assignments will be made on first-come, first-served basis.

  • Your workshop assignments will be in your arrival packet at the convention. Workshop registration deadline is May 31st.

Workshop Titles

  1. 3 Peas in a Pod: Fraternal or identical individual identity is important.

  2. Multiple "Feets": (Ages newborn to 1) Life in an exhausted state. A checklist for surviving the first year.

  3. It's Mine! Conflict Resolution: (Ages 1 & 2) Defining ways to organize and structure the day. How to begin to set and enforce reasonable limits. Teaching age-appropriate conflict resolutions.

  4. Preschoolers 101: (Ages 3 & 4) Limit setting, being pro-active rather than reactive, a variety of ways to structure the day and play times.

  5. 1+1=3: (Ages 5 to 10) School Issues: Pros and Cons of classroom placement options. How to deal with major discrepancies in skills & abilities.

  6. Parenting Teens: Enjoying the journey.

  7. Kids in Sports: Parents, kids, & sports where do you draw the line? How many sports? Same team or separate teams?

  8. Teen Talk! For Teens Only! (3 Hrs.): Structured for teenage multiples and siblings of multiples.

  9. Spoiling is Our Game (Grandparent is Our Name): Grandparents sharing stories and pictures of your multiple grandchildren.

  10. Super Dad!: The art of leading your family. Identifying and dealing with the pressures of a large family.

  11. Keeping the Spark Alive!: Essentials for enhancing our marriages.

  12. Cheaper By The Dozen: Tips on economizing, daily budgeting and long term planning.

  13. The "Special" Child: Families of children with special needs.

  14. Time Management: Learning to organize your day.

  15. Family Team Building: Building stronger family bonds.